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Thorough and accurate translations in English-Polish language pair regardless of the subject and type of the text

Although the IDIOM brand is relatively new, I have been working as a translator since 2006. For many years, I have translated exclusively books – guides, fact literature, popular-science as well as fiction. With time, I have evolved to WWW and video-games content localization.

After nearly 10 years in the industry, I took a full-time job in one of the translation agencies in Wrocław, Poland, which I later changed for another one. In both agencies, I have worked as a translator and a proofreader. This gave me the opportunity to try myself in a different type of translation – for technical and medical industries. At the same time, independently, I have learnt how to do subtitling and prepare voice-over translations.

By ordering a translation from a freelance translator, you have to be aware of the fact that it might take longer for them to prepare the translation than for an agency which works with various translators.

At the same time, you can be sure that:

– Your order will be translated by one person only

– The translation will be accurate and performed with due diligence, as the  deadline you will be offered, includes the time needed to do the research

– If you happen to order another text related to your order, the new translation will be consistent with the previous ones and its quality will be just as good

– If any issues occur or you are unsatisfied with the effect of my work, you will always know whom to contact and who has translated your text.

I strongly encourage you to check my service!

Julia Szajkowska
Julia Szajkowska

a translator & proofreader

Paweł szajkowski

a time magician, absolute proofreader, and occasional translator


The Head of keeping-you-hoomans-sane department

The Team

behind Idiom


Producing high-quality translations, that are comprehensive and easy to understand, so the reader gets the message clear and, more importantly, finds pleasure in reading it.


Developing my business to the extent which would allow each and every customer to get a satisfactory translation within an agreeable deadline without losing any of the quality.